Monday, May 14, 2018

Barnard School on the Road! Go Sox!

Grades K-3 report that May 1 was day 145 as a result of our 7 interruptions from Mother Nature extending the last day of school to Friday, June 22.  As spring weather is upon us we have much to share in and out of the Barnard School classrooms.

Since testing is such a frequent report topic, this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate that the NH Statewide Assessments (“NHSAS” replacing the Smarter Balanced Test) in English Language Arts and Math for grades 3-8 and Science for grades 5 and 8 have been completed! This has been done despite moving up a week to allow for Principal candidate visits and Spring Break.  The students were focused and really put in a tremendous effort to do their best work.  I want to recognize their efforts along with the entire staff who were flexible with scheduling and proctoring locations throughout the process.  K-2 even helped out with being quiet in the hallways while their schoolmates were completing assessments.  We look forward to analyzing and sharing results as soon as they become available.

Spring is time for Field Trips and on Thursday, April 26 Grades K-3, and I, had a wonderful visit to Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth.  There were a number of exhibits open including an all-new domestic livestock display allowing students to pet and even hold some animals (be careful, fingers look like carrots)! Students were split into groups to attend grade-level workshops including baking delicious spice cookies.  As of this writing we are looking forward to our much-anticipated Red Sox and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) exhibit and demonstration day on Wednesday, May 2.  Coach busses leave for Boston at 8:30 for the exhibits and demonstration (including a Green Monster Egg Drop!) before a 1:05 game and we board busses home at 4 regardless of the inning.  I look forward to sharing the results vs. KC Royals at the Board Meeting. On Tuesday, May 22 grades 4-8 will visit the Lowell Mills National Historic Park to learn about the rich tradition surrounding our New England industrial heritage and connection to rivers like the Merrimack.  Finally, and certainly not least Mrs. Hayes and I are looking forward to the Grade 8 annual trip to our Nation’s Capital! We board busses early on Tuesday, May 29 for 4 days packed with visits to memorials, monuments, museums, the Zoo, and moonlight cruise on Potomac.  This will be trip #5 for me and each year promises to be the best!

PTA sponsored our snow-delayed visit from Neal Nichols, the “Geography Guy” Wednesday, April 1 with hour-plus long grade-level performances for K-3, 4-5, and 6-8.  This was a repeat visit from 2 years ago and he always brings new learning, great engaging performances, gifts for the students, and leaves us with 3 incredible map murals! Saturday, May 5, PTA is hosting the annual Blaze the Trail 5K at the Stateline Field and Stream Club and it promises to be another popular community event and major fundraiser.  As we complete the school year we appreciate their help and refreshments at  the Celebration of Learning, Field Day and Graduation!!!

Spring Track is underway and 18 boys and girls in Grades 5-8 are participating this season for 6 meets leading up to an Invitational Championship on May 30.  Coaches Hayes and Peterson, in their second year, have really grown the program.  Monday, May 4 we will be having our annual Sports Banquet to recognize athletes in Cross Country, Basketball, and Spring Track.

This is another short summary of what has been happening at Barnard School, and what our students and staff do in and out of the classrooms. There’s always more to see and hear about.  Please continue to visit our website, Twitter, Facebook, teacher, and principal pages.  

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