Tuesday, February 13, 2018

100th Day Celebration and Many Student Honors and Activities!

As dutifully reported by the K-1 class, Friday, January 26, was day 91, making it the (hard to believe) midpoint of our 182-day school year! This means that the all-important 100th DAY was shared with February’s Board Meeting and Deliberative Session on Thursday, February 8, weather permitting! As we complete these 2017-2018 milestones we have much to share.
Since we are midway through the year I have decided to devote this month’s blog to the students.  With clubs, athletics, and other school sponsored activities we have much to recognize.  You can find a partial listing on the left along with my Principal's Reports.  It names a number of students, some multiple times and by no means represents all we have going on.
I began the list with Honor Roll for the First Trimester.  Students in Grades 6-8 attain this distinction according to the following criteria:
      Highest Honors: All A’s in academics
        All outstanding in behaviors
   High Honors: A minimum of three A’s plus one B in academics
       All outstanding with the exception of one satisfactory in behaviors
      Honors: All A’s and B’s in academics
All outstanding or satisfactory in behaviors
Student Council is very active with spirit points activities and competitions, special food events like hotdogs, donuts, and soup, and fundraisers and collections of materials for the needy.  They meet weekly under the direction of Mrs. Orlando and Mrs. Moran.  
Weekly gatherings at “The Compass” have become an honored tradition here.  I have included an additional posting with a listing of all the recipients of Students of the Week and Month as reported on our Twitter Page.  Congratulations to all for their hard work!
Band and Chorus requires a major commitment and they practice weekly under the direction of Ms. Dozet.  They prepare for performances at our Holiday Concert and Celebration of Learning.
Additional recognition in the list is given to sports teams with Cross Country under Coach Casassa and Basketball under Coach Silver.  We look forward to sharing the roster of our Spring Track Team in the spring. These also require a major commitment with daily practices, games, and competitions.
Clubs are also major activities here at Barnard.  Mrs. Wright has started a Craft Club, which is very popular.  I have listed their participants.  Mrs. Pruett started a Basketball activity for lower grades this year. Other clubs are Art, by Ms. Lindsay, Chess, by Mrs. Leary and newly formed Debate by Mr. Szeliga.
PTA is a major contributor so student activity with my much appreciated Ski and Snowboard Club.  They also offer after school programs such as Yoga, karate, LEGO, 4-square, Backyard games, Baking, and they are planning a soccer after school program for the spring. 
Although it’s midwinter, the Bees are very busy, namely the Scripps National Spelling Bee January 11  and National Geographic Bee January 31. Spelling winners were Brielle Molin, Grade 6, 3rd Place, Lachlain Caulfield, Grade 8,  2nd Place, and Keira Andruskevich, Grade 5, Champion,  Geography winners were Keira Andruskevich, Grade 5, 3rd Place, Jake Powers, Grade 6, 2nd place, and Brendan Ballon, Champion.  Congratulations to all the finalists and winners for their hard work.
Early Release Friday, January 12, SHPD met with the staff to present ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) in order for us to be better informed of the latest techniques to address potential school intruders. Now that we have completed the initial training the staff is formulating a plan for how to move forward with what we have learned.  I will have more information as we proceed.
That’s a short summary of what’s been going on, what our students and staff do when not in the classrooms, and there’s always more to see and hear about.  Please continue to visit our website, Twitter, Facebook, teacher, and principal pages.  

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