Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Welcome to 2018!

It’s a new year at Barnard School and Mrs. Moran’s Kindergarten and First Graders report that Tuesday, January 2, when we returned, was day 77 of our school year!  Despite the deep freeze, classes are underway and we are settling in to the midpoint of our second trimester.

December was an active month as always highlighted with a wonderfully attended and performed Holiday Concert.  There were performances by every grade level, band, and chorus followed by a whole school grand finale performance of Shalom Chaverim. Many thanks Ms. Dozet who put on another amazing presentation and to the entire staff for their support with preparations and helping supervise students in the stands on the night of the performance.  The evening included our annual very successful PTA Book Fair, PTA refreshments and an exciting drawing to support the Grade 8 trip to DC.  Many thanks to all who attended to support the students, band, chorus, and Grade 8!

In addition to the concert there were other annual community events with Santa’s Breakfast on December 9 and Santa’s Big Ride, which was postponed to December 23 due to the weather. Student Council sponsored Pajama Day in all grades with a K-5 showing of “Prancer.”  We celebrated the last day before vacation with our “Students of the Week and Month” recognitions followed by a staff Ugly Sweater competition featuring Mr. Szeliga as the overwhelming student favorite.

NHDOE Commissioner Frank Edelblut visited SAU 21 on December 18, and he made his last stop here in South Hampton.  There was much going on in each of the classrooms and the Commissioner was very impressed by our individualization and commitment to rigorous learning and instruction.  We all know that our school is very special place and it was great to have that recognized by such a distinguished visitor.  We look forward to continuing to share our successes with the DOE and the Commissioner. 

Looking forward to January and beyond, our Basketball team is well into their season and will continue with games throughout January and perhaps beyond, depending on the weather. In the spring we look forward to a second successful Spring Track season.  The PTA Ski and Snowboard Program began another season on January 2 and we have the largest group of participants I have had the pleasure of skiing with in several years! 

Early Release Friday, January 12, SHPD will be meeting with the staff to present ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) in order for us to be better informed of the latest techniques to address potential school intruders.  At this point there is very little to share since we are just getting this information for the first time.  Once we have this initial communication session we anticipate that we will have more to present and look for guidance as we proceed.  There will be significant opportunities to seek administrative, board, and parent input as we move forward to provide for school safety in the current environment.  More info can be obtained at https://www.alicetraining.com/ and we will see what will be needed to adapt this program to our unique (as I said before) school and community.

During the remainder of the early release day we are sharing our impressions of shared readings of Breaking with Tradition (The Shift to Competency Based Learning in PLCS that Work) and Grading Exceptional and Struggling Learners.  The faculty has made a commitment to continue our study of Competency Based Learning and how it applies to our classrooms.

That’s a quick snapshot of what is happening here, MLK day is January 15, Progress Reports go home January 17, and second trimester Parent Conferences will be on Tuesday, January 30.  As always, please continue to visit our website, Twitter, Facebook, teacher, and principal pages, and Happy New Year!

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