Friday, December 16, 2016

First Trimester Ends as We Prepare for the Holiday Season and a New Year!

As November comes to a close we have completed our first trimester of the 2016-2017 school year.  Teachers are administering final assessments and reviewing student work in preparation for reports to parents and students.  These reports have been developed to provide feedback on student academic performance and habits that relate to student success.  Midterm Parent Conferences provided information to show progress and offer suggestions to improve, but parents are reminded that teachers are always available to meet and discuss their children’s performance and progress in the classroom. 

With 2 holiday weekends, November can be a very busy month both in and out of the classroom.  We ended the month of October with our traditional Halloween Parade for grades K-5 with scores of spectators and celebrations and activities during the day.  During Thanksgiving Week we had our annual Thanksgiving Performance and Feast performed and celebrated by grades K-3, which was equally well attended.  Thanks so much to parents for their support donating food and supplies, help with preparation, and volunteering time during the events with service and entertainment for these important annual events.  Lastly, November kicks off our Basketball Season!   Coach Silver will be joining us again and we have great representation of boys and girls from grades 5-8.  Our first game was at home on November 29 and we have 13 games scheduled and daily practice while school is in session between now and February 1.  Please visit the school website for our schedule if you wish to come cheer on the HAWKS!

As we approach December and beyond  there is much to look forward to.  Our Holiday Concert and Book Fair will be at 6:30 on Tuesday December 13 with performances by all grades, band, and chorus. Grade 8 has distributed their wreaths and have many ongoing fundraising activities to support their trip to DC, which has been secured for the week of May 30 to June 2. Our Christmas Break will be from December 24 returning on January 3, 2017 weather permitting.  The PTA Ski Program is also in the works and I again look forward to being on the slopes Tuesday evenings beginning January 3rd.  

The first PTA after-school session of the school year has been completed with Sempai  7th grader Jack Simas, assisted by his 5th grade brother Owen, training 20 students from grades K-5 in Karate.  We look forward to the next installment of this very popular program.  Stay tuned for details. December promises to be a busy time for PTA with their semi-annual Book Fair on December 12th and 13th.  Students will make lists and there will be time for Christmas shopping for parents on the 13th during our Holiday Concert, which will also include PTA sponsored refreshments.  Holiday Shopping will be held on Thursday and Friday December 8th and 9th for grades K-5.  The Santa Breakfast and Ride are scheduled for Saturday the 10th. The Refreshment Stand is back in business during home basketball games with many new tasty offerings and the smell of fresh popcorn.  

  • Early in the month of November, our morning custodian Dvina Valcour reported no hot water on consecutive days indicating that the main furnace was not operating.  Breen and Sullivan came both days and fixed the problem eventually discovering some faulty wiring in the controls.  They are in the process of  doing a complete inspection of the system to determine if any additional preventative maintenance or repairs are needed. 
  • Local electrician Michael Fredette is replacing a light fixture in the student bathroom while also installing lights in the storage room under the Science Lab.  It is the only room in the building without lighting.
  • Local builder Roger Nadeau will be repairing some loose and missing trim in the building and some exterior siding.

Please continue to visit our school and staff web pages and links to my blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages.  As we enter 2017 please have a Safe and Joyful Holiday Season and please continue to THINK SNOW!!

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