Thursday, November 10, 2016

Budget Season is Upon Us!

Mrs. Moran’s Kindergarten and First Graders report that, as of November 1, we have completed 42 days of our school year or 23%, according to the Sixth Grade Math class.  October is a month to get down to some serious instruction and assessments in preparation for Parent Teacher Conferences on Tuesday October 25.  Conferences were scheduled from 3-6 with extended times beginning at 10:45 to accommodate families in grades 4-5. I’m pleased to report that 68 separate meetings occurred, accommodating many families with multiple siblings.  Kudos to Mrs. Jones for making it all happen and getting the schedule to teachers so they could prepare and coordinate with co-teachers and Special Ed. 

On October 15 we had another very successful PTA/ South Hampton Recreation Harvest Festival with crowds of participants, chili, soup, bouncy obstacle course, music, antique cars, and much more!  Thank you to the army of community members for organizing this incredible event.  Our Annual Halloween Parade was scheduled for the October 31., and as of this writing there were all kinds of celebrations planned in the lower grades with Student Council Ghostly Grams being delivered throughout the school.

October is the month we begin to prepare 2017-2018 Budgets, (in all honesty teachers begin thinking about it as soon as they return from summer), and each teacher prepares their own budget for classroom needs.  They carefully inventory supplies and anticipate what they will use for this year and what they will need for the next.  They look at student populations and order consumables like folders, notebooks, and the workbooks and periodicals that support instructional programs.  The entire staff looks at shared products like grading software and online instructional programs and evaluates what works and needs replacing.  I work with our computer tech, custodians, and Mrs. Jones for building and technology needs.  All of this will be compiled into one budget document and combined with information supplied from the SAU Business Office and Human Resources.  Once reviewed by SAU administration it will be presented to the Board who then takes over the process to prepare the budget for the voters.  All the time we are keeping the staff informed in case adjustments, justifications and/or clarifications are needed.  It is a process that has been very successful in giving staff a voice for their needs on behalf of the students.

  • Repairs on the Venmar EVR have been completed and Breen and Sullivan have followed up to see that the unit is functioning properly.  They have also serviced our boilers in preparation for winter.
  • The gym roof had a minor leak in the center about 15 feet from the south end of the building. Mr. Balsavage inspected the entire seam and feels confident it’s good for the winter season and the repair was so minor that there was no charge.  He will be back once the snow melts to inspect again.
  • On Tuesday October 4, Mr. Ferreira, Business Administrator, Mr. Knapp, Health Officer and water system installer, Mr. Lanza, Hampstead Water Project Manager and I met to introduce Mr. Ferreira to our water system and its installation and service.  We reviewed our required and voluntary sampling protocols and system maintenance.  We also reviewed a DES request for voluntary testing.  We decided that the information should be presented at the November Board meeting for review.

As we approach November we look forward to observing Veterans Day on the Nov. 11 and Thanksgiving Recess on the Nov. 23-25.  Grade 8 will soon be distributing Wreaths to support their annual Trip to DC and many other fundraisers are in the plan so please stay tuned.  PTA Ski Program signups are also in the works and I again look forward to being on the slopes Tuesday evenings beginning January 3.  Please continue to visit our school and staff web pages and links to my blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages.  Have a delightful November and it’s never too early to THINK SNOW!!

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