Thursday, June 11, 2015

Home Stretch!

    It’s hard to believe but, as we finish our Spring Break, we find ourselves in the last few weeks of the school year!  As always, we have some wonderful reports and pictures from staff.

From Ms. Casassa:
Grade 6-8 Language Arts and Tech Integration 1-5
        “Students have been busy in Language Arts this month.  Students finished their argument essays—6th and 7th grade topics ranged from arguing for more recess, the ability to chew gum in class, changes in the dress code, and a library in the school and a later start to the school day.  The 8th graders tackled more sophisticated topics , including why the legalization of marijuana is a bad idea, the importance of preserving open space and why girls outperform boys in school. 
        During the month of April, students have been studying poetry and chose a poet to learn more about and create a slide introducing that poet for our “Poetry Matters” Presentation.  We learned about Shel Siverstein, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, and many more. The 8th graders are completing their unit on the Holocaust.  They read The Diary of Anne Frank and Night by Eli Wiesel.  For their culminating project they are researching modern day genocides and creating an infomercial using iMovie to raise awareness on the topic. 
        In Tech Integration classes, lower grade students have been learning how to use Google presentation to show what they know. First graders have started to research animals on the National Geographic online magazines and created Chatterpix to present their information.  Second and third graders are finishing up research on the fifty states.  The fourth and fifth graders have just started making an interactive timeline on important events in New Hampshire history.
        Students continue to work to meet their ten books a trimester reading goals.  Congratulations to Kylie, Seth, Drew, Molly, Tucker, Michael, Kaylie and Delia for all reading at least ten books during the 2nd trimester.” 

From Mrs. Sheckells: (often pictures are worth a thousand words)
“Parents and grandparents came into the Art Room to help students in grade K -3 create unique felt animals.”
From Mrs. Cestrone:
“Grade 8 is learning about Cell Processes and Cell Reproduction.  We will working with the microscope to identify various structures and learn more about their functions.
Grade 6-7 are learning about Natural Resources and how we should conserve them.  There will be a recycling project to along with the chapter.  Then we will be jumping right into chemistry and learning about the states of matter and physical and chemical changes.
Grade 4-5 are learning about the interaction of living and nonliving things, food chains and food webs and is reconstructing an owl pellet.
Grade 2-3 are learning about matter, energy and physical and chemical changes and how they happen in our lives every day. We have several experiments we will be conducting as we go through the chapter.
Grade K-1 are learning about chemical changes and we are experimenting with "cleaning pennies" to show how  salt and vinegar creates a chemical reaction to make our pennies very shiny.”

From Ms. Macdonald:
“The 4th and 5th graders have done a performance task in ELA. They read articles looking at the pros and cons to bringing lunches from home. Doing this informative research has sparked a debate about what is better, home or school lunches. In reading and writing, students are writing a persuasive essay. as well as diving deeper into their research to prepare for a mock debate. Students have found the challenge is seeing both sides of the argument. Our hopes are to connect with another class over Skype to have an open discussion about our findings.” 

From Mrs. Avellino:
“We were fortunate enough to have four professionals come and speak with our students in grades 2-8 about their career.  Career Day speakers included a cheese maker, veterinarian, engineer, and pharmacist.  The students were able to learn about a variety of careers and which classes in school would help them to achieve that career.  8th grade students took an online interest survey prior to Career Day, which gave them multiple options for careers that they might be interested in researching more about. Students in Grades K-1 had a very special visit from South Hampton’s Police and Fire Departments!”


I also have much to share! We have completed Smarter Balanced Testing in Grades 3-5 and are in the process of testing Grades 6-8 through May 13. I’m very proud of all of our students’ efforts and particularly so of our staff’s incredible execution. Hiking trips to Mt. Major May 13 and Mt. Monadnock May 20 have been scheduled.  Due to the generosity of PTA, Odds Bodkins performed for us on April 10 and Steve Blundt does workshops with the students all day May 12 and presenting that evening at our Celebration of Learning. Thank you Mrs. Sheckells for arranging!  Besides that Mrs. “D” and I leave Tuesday May 26 with our 6 8th Graders for DC! Looking forward to Field Day June 3, Volunteer Recognition Breakfast the 8th, Graduation the 17th and the Last Day on the 18th!


Respectfully submitted,

Ken Darsney, (Mr. “D”)

Barnard School Principal

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