Thursday, May 23, 2013

Important Internet Use Notice from Mr. "D"

May 23, 2013

Dear Barnard Parents and Guardians:

               Today I was made aware of a new website that some Barnard students have mentioned to teachers that they are accessing and we feel obligated to share this information with you.  The site is called  In response, some teachers recently visited the website and found some students’ postings that could prove embarrassing, damaging to one’s reputation, or worse for your child(ren).  It is important for young people and everyone, for that matter, to realize that this information is accessible to “everyone in the world” and the consequences of bad decisions regarding what is posted on the Internet can be far-reaching and long lasting. 

               This morning I found a great website and video and I urge you to visit, watch, and share with your family.  It is:

               This can be a helpful beginning to your conversations regarding Internet use or a way to reintroduce the topic.  We do spend a lot of time here monitoring student activity and reinforcing rules regarding Internet use but they are away from school much more than they are here.  Please follow the advice on the video, look for other sources of information regarding monitoring Internet and social media access on all the devices (computer, smartphones, gaming devices, tablets, readers, etc.) your child(ren) have access to, and frequently check history and parental controls.  With regards to, I recommend that you ask your child if he or she is a member, check postings, and delete the account if there are questionable entries.  Remember even the questions that strangers ask can be upsetting or damaging if seen by the wrong viewer.
               As always, if you have any questions or concerns about this or any other issue please contact me, any other member of our staff, or call, email, or come by the school.  Thanks you for your support and attention to this important issue.

Yours truly,

Ken Darsney, Mr. “D”
Barnard School Principal

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